We are assisting some neighbors with selling a few really nice weanling age Hereford heifers.  They will make great 4-H projects for 2023 and then be wonderful replacement females for your herd.

Herefords are known for being quite to handle, good milkers, great mothers which constitutes in weaning off more pounds.  These cows are all that and more!  

You won't find a better cross than a Hereford cow bred to an Angus bull.  F1's are the bomb at the sale barn!! or put back in your herd for the best commercial cow.

These heifers will be vaccinated, wormed, weaned & ready to go the middle of October.  So don't hesitate!!
These heifers are not registered and are selling as commercial heifers only.

For more information on these heifers or if you would like to see them in person, text Miriam Farrell at 765.418.3549 or email:

mother of 214

mother of 205

March 26 Heifer Calf

May 3 Heifer calf 218