About Us

Here at Hidden Acres Ranch we are trying to run a very versatile boarding facility for anyone that wants to board a horse.  We manage the facility ourselves, and that gives us a hands-on feel for how things are going.  We work with our clients and try to make everyone feel comfortable coming out and enjoying their horses.  We have a 60' X 142' indoor arena, a 100' outdoor round pen, a 60' outdoor round pen and a 80' X 200' outdoor arena.  These provide many opportunities for our clients to accomplish something with their horse.

We have recently started breeding and raising registered Hereford and Angus show cattle.  Miriam's family has always raised Hereford cattle, and as our horse breeding and training operation has come to a close, we thought maybe we should give the cattle a shot.  We are very much enjoying the cows and especially the calves.   We AI the Herefords in hopes of some promising 4-H prospects.  Miriam breaks them and in the late summer to early fall we will put them up for sale.

As you browse through the next few pages, you will see quality that is real, honest & dependable.  Below you will see photos of some of our facilities.  You will also see some of our stock as well.  We take pride in both, and strive to be as good at this as we can be.

100' Round Pen

80' X 200' Outdoor Arena

60' X 142' Indoor Arena

Our Stall Barn -

pastures at Hidden Acres